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Electric Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an outdoor unit that can take the place of an air conditioner. Heat pumps are used for cooling just like an air conditioner, but the difference is they can reverse the process, and provide heat in cooler weather.

Transferring Heat Energy
Keeping your home comfortable is all about moving heat energy. When your indoor air becomes too hot, the heat pump turns on outside, and begins compressing a liquid called refrigerant. This forces heat energy out of the refrigerant, and dissipates it into the air. The chilled refrigerant is pumped inside via small metal piping to the indoor coil, which is located inside an air handler.

The fan motor inside the air handler turns on and begins pulling hot and humid air from inside your home via the return air duct. The warm air is forced through the now chilled indoor coil, which cools and dehumidifies the air. The now cooled air is pushed back into the ductwork system to cool your home.

Heating With A Heat Pump
As mentioned above, a heat pump can also heat your home. When we have some cooler nights and your thermostat registers indoor air is too cool, the heat pump turns on. Instead of dissipating heat energy from the refrigerant, it now pulls heat energy from the outside air, and uses this to heat the refrigerant. The heat liquid is then pumped inside to the air handler. Even when the weather is cool, there is still heat energy. If we were in Alaska, there wouldn't be much heat energy to use however!

Heat Pump Efficiency
Cooling efficiency is measured the same way it is with an air conditioner using a SEER rating. For heating, a heat pump's efficiency is rated using a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rating.

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